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Classic No. 60 Embroidery Thread

Perfect for fine details and lettering. Best results are in conjunction with Madeira size 65 needles (MR030). 95°C wash.

Madeira 4.5” Embroidery Thread Snips

Comfort grip. Automatic spring back with finger grip.

Madeira 4” Embroidery Thread Snips

Multi purpose. For cutting and trimming.

Madeira 80g Backing

Perfect for stabilising. 80g cut away backing. Sold in packs of 1000 sheets.

Madeira Avalon Cold Water Soluble Topping

Water soluble film used on towels or knitwear to prevent stitches from sinking and disappearing into the fabric when embroidering. 20 micron. Reduces underlay stitch requirements.

Madeira Bodybuilder Hard

Ideal for building up designs to give a 3D effect/extra thickness. Great for cap designs. Sold in packs of 10.

Madeira Classic No. 40 Embroidery Thread

Pantone® matched colours. Suitable for all embroidery, except where items will be subject to industrial laundry with bleaches or chlorine. Washable at 95¬∞C. Available on 1000m cops and 5000m cones.

Madeira Curved Scissors

Fine point for close trimming.

Madeira E-ZEE Cap 76g Backing

Practical cut pieces made specifically to sit inside caps, for ease of embroidery. 76g cut away backing. Sold in packs of 250 pieces.

Madeira Easy Tear 40g Backing

Perfect for stabilising. 40g tear away backing. Sold in packs of 5000 sheets. Available in 18cm and 20cm squares.

Madeira Frosted Matt No. 40 Embroidery Thread

True matt finish. Unmatched lightfastness. Easy to wash and care for. 60°C wash.